While we adapt to the reality of the spread of COVID-19, HSOLC continues to support families through the outreach of home visitors, family support coordinators, education support coordinators, teachers, interpreters and managers.

The IT team is actively working with consultants and managers to set up virtual meeting platforms and learning communities to support the outreach work and planning for a “Virtual April”. The entire Operations team is working on taking care of facilities and planning for future family support services.

We are asking all staff to stay home and some teaching staff to work virtually with families, up to 20 hours per week, to continue our services to families, in this new, virtual way after Spring Break. This order to say home is in place at least until the end of April. Your pay will remain whole; any hours not worked will be Inclement weather in EWS.

Your supervisor will be contacting you next week to begin the Agency’s rollout of our “Virtual April” plan to connect with families. If you are not asked to connect directly with families, your supervisor will let you know and guide you in the process of filling out your time card in EWS for the next pay period.


Annie Soto

Executive Director