Position Purpose

To assist the bus driver in providing safe and punctual transportation to and from classroom sites. Observe and monitor behavior of children, interact with parents and staff to promote the well being of children.

Essential Job Responsibilities: Performance Indicators

Monitoring and Safety (90%)

  1. Assist children in boarding and exiting the bus.
  2. Assist driver in completion of daily sign on & off sheets, accounting by name all children getting on and off the bus.
  3. Ensure that all children are secured in weight/height appropriate seatbelts or restraints and that while seated all adults use available seatbelts.
  4. Visually observe the health of each child on the bus.
  5. Ensure that any behavioral issues do not compromise the safety of any child on the bus or the ability of the bus driver to safely operate the vehicle.
  6. Use age appropriate communication skills with children on bus.
  7. Collaborate with the bus driver to ensure that each child is delivered to the care of a responsible adult (authorized list) upon leaving bus.
  8. Ensure that the responsible adult (authorized list) signs for the child upon leaving the bus.
  9. Ensure that no child is ever left unattended while on the bus, following all procedures put in place to prevent a child being left behind.
  10. Assist the bus driver with any emergency situations following all rules and regulations as they pertain to school bus safety and child health.
  11. Fill out accident/incident reports as appropriate.

Maintenance & Communications (10%)

  1. Assist driver with keeping inside of vehicle picked up.
  2. Responsible to do walkthrough of bus (looking for children and or items left behind) prior to being dropped off
  3. Assist driver with evacuation drills.
  4. Assist with paperwork flow between homes and sites.
  5. Maintain positive communications with parents, drivers and site staff, relaying information to appropriate parties as needed.
  6. Attend any trainings or meetings as required by Transportation Manager

All communications are potentially sensitive and are subject to Head Start’s policy on confidentiality.

Knowledge/Skills/Experience Required

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Experience (typically one year) working with groups of pre-schoolers (ages 3-5), knowledge of age appropriate behaviors and safety practices a plus.
  • Knowledge of safety practices as they relate to pre-school children.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Employment conditional upon results of Central Background Registry.
  • Requires current Pediatric CPR and First Aide Certification
  • Health Appraisal required.

Physical/Mental abilities and processes

  • Ability to visually assess the health and behaviors of children.
  • Occasional lifting of up to 50 lbs, typically assisting children into seats, and the ability to carry or drag a child in an emergency situation out of the bus to a safe area.
  • Frequent bending at the neck, waist and knees and occasional squatting.
  • Daily sitting, about 85% of riding time.
  • Occasional climbing to enter and exit bus.

Position Information

  • Pay grade 2
  • Approx 35-39 weeks per school year
  • Supervised by Regional Manager

Head Start of Lane County is an EEO Employer

Approved by Policy Council : 01/13/04
Last Update: 05/17/04

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