Position Purpose

Prepare and deliver healthy meals to Head Start centers throughout Lane County.

Essential Job Responsibilities: Performance Indicators

Food Preparation & Clean up (70%)

  1. Assemble food, dishes, utensils and supplies needed for timely meal preparation.
  2. Prepare high-quality nutritional food, in quantity, as directed by Food Service Manager.
  3. Follow standardized recipes.
  4. Prepare and sort food for meal preparation at outlying sites.
  5. Adhere to sanitation and safety procedures prescribed for the Head Start kitchen. Assure that food temperatures are hot or cold enough and that kitchen areas are sanitary so that health standards are maintained.
  6. Wash dishes, pots, pans and utensils using approved sanitation methods.
  7. Return all items to their proper storage site.
  8. Complete routine maintenance of kitchen and equipment, including weekly deep cleaning

Delivery and Inventory (25%)

  1. Deliver meals from central kitchen to site kitchens as assigned.
  2. Order and pick up supplies as needed.
  3. Assist in receiving orders from vendors, insuring that proper items have been delivered.
  4. Assist with menu planning.
  5. Assist with food inventories as assigned.
  6. Reconcile container inventory weekly. .

Food Service Vehicle Maintenance & Misc. (05%)

  1. Perform weekly a thorough visual safety check and complete checklist.
  2. Keep interiors of vehicles clean daily and exteriors as needed.
  3. Report any needed repairs and deliver van to designated repair site as directed.
  4. Record mileage and gas daily.
  5. Attend meetings and trainings as needed and required.
  6. Other duties as requested

All communications are potentially sensitive and are subject to Head Start Policy on confidentiality.

Knowledge/Skills/Experience Required

  • Strong knowledge of large-scale food production, typically from one year relevant experience or education.
  • Working knowledge of sanitation and safety procedures prescribed for large scale kitchen production.
  • Working knowledge of inventory systems.
  • Basic literacy skills.
  • Ability to problem solve and respond appropriately to the unexpected (staff shortages, equipment malfunctions etc.) while maintaining strict meal schedules.
  • Valid Oregon Driver’s License.
  • Current Food Handler’s Card and Health Appraisal.
  • Employment contingent upon the results of the following:
    • Enrollment in Child Care Division- Criminal History Registry
    • DMV check
    • Drug Screen
    • Physical Capacity Examination

Physical/Mental Abilities and Processes

  • High level of daily repetitive motion with hands and arms in food preparation and delivery activities.
  • Continuous standing and walking for most of an 8 hour work day.
  • Daily driving of agency vans for food delivery when assigned to delivery routes.
  • Frequent daily bending and lifting of bulk foods, food bins and hot food caddies: bulk food items are lifted from the floor and weigh 10-50 lbs. each, food bins weigh 30-70 lbs, and are lifted from floor and work tables and loaded on and off of vans for delivery.
  • Regular crouching occurs to retrieve items from lower shelves.
  • Regular reaching occurs to retrieve utensils and food items from storage shelves and cupboards up to 8′ high and from van beds.

Position Information

  • 9- 12 month position (may require summer employment)
  • Supervised by Food Service Manager

This job description was last updated May 12, 2003

Head Start of Lane County is an EEO Employer

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