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Parent Education and Interest Survey Resources

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Parent Education and Interest

Survey Resources


Parent Education and Interest Survey Resources

Family Well Being 
 Child Abuse Prevention  more  more  bilingual info
 Child Support Assistance  more  Spanish  
 Domestic Violence Information  more  Spanish  healthy relationships
 Family Dental/Oral Health
 Family Fitness Ideas  more  more  Spanish
 Home Ownership  more  more
 Marriage Counseling Resources  more  more  Spanish  family court
 Healthy Eating/Nutrition (picky eaters)  bilingual 
 Promoting Positive Mental Health  more  bilingual 
 Recognizing/Changing Eating Habits  more  Spanish  more
 Safety Risks & Prevention  Spanish
 Stress Management   more   Spanish
 Substance Abuse Info/Treatment  more  more
Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention
Tragic Events

Parent-Child Relationships
Children & Sexuality  bilingual
Parenting Classes  more  more
Positive Parenting Practices  bilingual
Single / Step Parenting  more  bilingual
Talking to your Child about Prison
Using Natural / Logical Consequences  Spanish

Personal Knowledge
Activities to do at Home  Spanish
Budgeting/Money Management  more  Spanish
Career Planning  Spanish
Center on the Social & Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
Employment/Job Skill Development  more  more 
Financial Aid for Continuing Education  Spanish  more
First Aid/CPR Classes
Parents as Primary Teacher 
Positive Behavior Support  Spanish


Child Development   more  (Ages & Stagesbilingual  more
Kindergarten Information  more  more
School Readiness Information  bilingual
Transitions for Children  more

Networking with Peers & Community
 Affordable Recreation Activities  Spanish  more 
 Clothing Resources  more
 Emergency Housing Resources  more  more  more  more  Spanish  more
 Employment/Job Skill Development  GED prep  more
 Food Assistance Resources  more  more  SNAP
 Support Group: topic
 Utility Assistance Resources  more
Ways to be Involved in Your Community

Advocates & Leaders
Head Start Committee Opportunities
Opportunities to Advocate at the State & Local Level
Parent Policy Council Membership

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211LaneCounty is your online resource connection to social services or access the English-Spanish Resource Directory for Lane County. These posters list Lane County, Oregon agencies and resources that can help your family! Available in English and Spanish

Thanks, Active 20-30 Club, for underwriting the cost of this community project and to Parenting Now for making it available to others.

Strategic Planning Resources

The approved 2014-2019 Strategic Directions will guide the agency through the next five years. The four core goals are:

  1. All eligible children and their families have access to comprehensive services (education,
    nutrition, child care, disability, family services, mental heath, dental) as close to home as possible.

  2. We have a highly qualified, diverse and stable workforce.
  3. We have fully funded services for all age and income eligible children and families.
  4. We are a recognized leader in family and child development promoting quality early care
    and education.