Childcare will be provided for family activity nights as well as other parent activities as appropriate.


  1. Human Resources will maintain the list of approved substitute staff which is accessed by the Regional Assistant or Regional Manager.
  2. Staff will plan in advance when providing childcare.
    1. Childcare services are limited to children living with Head Start parents.
    2. Childcare will not be provided for HS children under 18 months of age.
      1. In Early Head Start (EHS), infant/toddler care will be provided according to Childcare Division regulations.
        1. There will be developmentally appropriate toys and space available for the ages served.
  3. Staff will obtain advance notice from parents of the need for childcare to allow for adequate staffing.
    1. When using the typical Head Start classroom no more than 20 children can be accommodated. Consult with Regional Manager when using other facilities.
    2. There will be developmentally appropriate toys and space available for the ages served.
  4. Staffing:
    1. Current Teachers and/or persons on the approved Childcare Provider (CCP) list and/or Substitute Teacher list will be used as childcare providers, with Regional Manager approval.
    2. Enough CCPs will be used to provide for a staff-child ratio that meets Childcare Division regulations for both Head Start and Early Head Start age groups. (
    3. DST will observe childcare at the beginning and at regular intervals to assure safe and appropriate practices, when Associate Teachers or other teaching staff are not present.
  5. Contingency Plan
    1. Utilize teaching staff, Regional Manager and/or Regional Assistant to reach adequate staffing level.
    2. Have children in the meeting with their parents as needed.
    3. Plan two parent meetings for possible high attendance topics.
    4. Encourage parents to find alternative care for their children.
    5. If the above requirements cannot be met, as a last resort the family activity event will be canceled.
      1. If it is necessary to cancel a family activity event for any reason, the Regional Manager will be consulted in advance.
      2. A replacement family activity event will be scheduled later in the year to maintain a minimum of four family activity events per year for part day and five family activity events for full day which includes a separate meeting to discuss tran

This meets 45 Performance Standards CFR Section 1304.40
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