Direct Service and Support staff will maintain a safe environment for children and staff. Managers will ensure safety procedures are clearly explained and implemented consistently by all those employed by Head Start of Lane County.


  1. All Direct Service staff working with children will have a current First Aid and Pediatric C.P.R. certification.
  2. First Aid Kits, a copy of the medical and dental Emergency Procedures, and Disaster Kits will be maintained in one designated place at each site, and be readily accessible to staff, but kept out of the reach of the children.
  3. There must be a sign in the classroom indicating the location of the First Aid kit and nearest telephone.
  4. The first aid kit and a copy of each child’s emergency consent form (signed by the parent) will be taken on all field trips or any trip away from the classroom site. In order to maintain confidentiality, the emergency consent forms must be kept in a locked cabinet at all other times. ( see Confidentiality of Records policy)
  5. The emergency components of the First Aid Kits are contained within sealed plastic bags. (American Red Cross Supplies) If the plastic bag is opened for any reason, the First Aid Kit should be replaced with a new, sealed bag. These should be requested from the Health Assistant whenever the First Aid kit is used for an emergency. Band aids are not considered a component of the Emergency Kit- and should be replaced by teaching staff as needed.
  6. A diagrammed evacuation plan will be posted near the exits in each classroom and office.
  7. A Fire and Earthquake drill/building evacuation shall be practiced once each month (total of two evacuations/month) (see Earthquake Drill and Fire Drill policy).
  8. The drills will be documented on the weekly lesson plan.
  9. Facility exits are clearly marked with visible, approved EXIT signs. Aisle, hallways and other exits are kept free of obstacles.
  10. There must be at least one updated (inspected annually) ABC All Purpose fire extinguisher per each classroom and kitchen at the site at all times readily available for staff to use. All offices that are not located within a classroom with fire extinguishers will have an updated ABC fire extinguisher strategically located in each area of the building.
  11. All electrical outlets accessible to children will have protective caps in place when outlets are not in use.
  12. All stairways, hallways, and corridors must have 3 feet of free walk through access at all times. Storage of supplies or equipment is not permitted in these areas.
  13. Items of potential danger to children or any other cleaning agent ( i.e. flammable liquids, toxic materials, aerosols, detergents, etc .) must,
    1. Be kept in the original containers with original label intact, indicating contents
    2. Be stored in an area not used by children
    3. Be stored separately from food and food service equipment
    4. Be secured by a child-proof lock
    5. Be accompanied by material safety data sheet that tells about potential hazards of the product and be located in the M.S.D.S. binder in the classroom, kitchen or office in which product is located.
    6. Not be purchased unless our agency has approved it as an acceptable/safe cleaning agent.
  14. Children will not be allowed in the kitchen area unless in small groups (2-3) and well supervised. At no time will children be allowed in or around the stove, oven or drawers that may contain sharp objects.
  15. Only panel electrical strips (with surge protection) are used as extension cords and they must not be attached to other extension cords; rather, they are to be plugged into the existing wall outlet.
  16. Wall heating units are prohibited.
  17. An emergency light source (flashlight and fresh rotated batteries) will be available at all times.
  18. Areas and equipment that staff feel are unsafe must be immediately reported to the Regional Manager and a Safety Committee representative or the Health Consultant and kept “off bounds” until repaired or corrected to a safe standard (see Safety Committee policy).

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45CFR Section 1304.22 . 1304.53(a10vii)
It was approved by Policy Council on December 12, 2000
Updated November 21, 2000.June 2008. June 2009
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