The Emergency School Closure procedure will enable Head Start of Lane County to proceed in a consistent manner when the decision is made to close school.


Locations without Transportation:

  1. Site staff should contact the Regional Manager to decide when to close school. At that time the RM will confer with the Program Director and let site staff know how to proceed (choices could include calling all parents to come and pick up their child and/or calling parents to tell them there is no school for the day).

Locations with Transportation:

  1. The Transportation Manager (TM) and the Region Manager(s) will confer with the Operations Director and the Program Directors to make the decision together. Once the decision has been made, site staff will call caregiver/parents to make sure someone is home to receive the child early.
  2. No child will be transported until their caregiver/parent is notified of the closure and will be able to receive the child at their designated drop off spot.
  3. The TM will notify drivers to report to work at the decided time.
  4. Caregiver/Parents who have not been contacted will have to self transport their child home once notified.
  5. If this should happen during the am class, all pm parents will need to be called by the site staff and be notified that there will be no school for their child that day.
  6. In both of the above situations, Regional Manager’s will notify the front desk and kitchen as soon as possible.

Approved by Policy Council August 2013

Reviewed: December 2020