FSCs will be assigned to families who need additional support beyond what the Teacher can reasonable provide.


  1. Assignment to the FSC caseload will be determined by one or more of the following ways:
    1. Through the use of WebCAF Information & Referral (I & R) report to capture information gleaned through registration by the Region Assistant (RA).
    2. Returning families with high needs as indicated in the I & R and goal tables.
    3. Crisis situation or emergency.
    4. Emergent need identified.
    5. Through  conversations, information sharing at regional coordination meetings.
    6. Through identification of high needs status at family staffing or through staff contacts with families at home visits and/or parent conferences.
    7. Teachers will provide additional support to high needs families through provision of home visits and parent-teacher conferences.
    8. If situations change for families, the assignment to the FSC caseload will be re-evaluated to determine if family will remain on FSC caseload or be re-assigned to the Teacher.
    9. Through the use of the Family Partnership survey scores indicating a high level of needs for support and referrals.

The policy meets Performance Standard unknown

Policy Council approved

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