Parents are provided with information regarding approaches to learning and curricula used in classrooms. Parents will also have the opportunity to learn more about volunteer opportunities, including Policy Council, S.E.E.K.E.R.S. and site specific information.

Benchmark: Open House will be no later than the first two weeks of October.


  1. Regional Manager (RM), Early Childhood Education Coordinators (ECEC), and Family Service Coordinators (FSC) will plan an Open House for sites in their region.
  2. Teachers will attend to meet and greet families and present the Creative Curriculum and approaches to learning.
  3. Policy Council information will be provided by current or former Policy Council members or staff to recruit new members.
  4. FSCs will recruit interested parents to assist in planning for Family Activity Events. The parent education topics will be determined through the use of the parent education and interest survey.
  5. Information regarding volunteer opportunities will be also be provided to families.
  6. Other staff may be requested to attend including Bus Drivers and Early Childhood CARES staff.

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