Over income applicants will be  selected for enrollment only when no Income Eligible (100% of the Federal Poverty Level/FPL or below) or Expanded Income Eligible (101% to 130% of the FPL) applicants are on the waiting list.

When eligibility is determined for over income applicants (up to 10 percent of total enrollment), the criteria in the Selection policy will be used.

Over income applicants that fall within 101% – 130% of the poverty guideline will selected and offered placement before families who fall above 131%- of the poverty guideline.

Over income families will not be selected unless there is no waiting list of Income Eligible or Expanded Income Eligible applicants.

Updated January 15, 2004. April7, 2004. March 2008. February 2019

Meets Performance Standard 1302.12; (d) 1302.14
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