1. Management of Parent Fundraising Accounts for regions and/or sites is the responsibility of Regional Managers. Regional Managers should provide overall guidance on the accounts. Regional Managers may assign the task of tracking and reconciling these accounts to their Regional Assistants.
  2. To avoid any implication of misuse a clear separation of duties should be set up between the RA or other direct service staff in charge of fundraising at the site. It is important that the person who signs the checks is NOT the same person who reconciles the account.
  3. Fundraising activities are independent of Head Start grant allowed activities. Therefore if Head Start of Lane County supplies, copier time, etc. are used, the fundraising accounts need to reimburse the organization.
  4. Regions should receive the bank statements and reconcile them monthly.
    1. The process for reconciliation is provided on the back of every bank statement. Supporting documentation for reconciliations should include the following: Check register, deposit receipts, purchase receipts, and documentation that the parents approved each purchase.
    2. Anyone who needs help with the reconciliation process should contact the Finance department for support.
    3. Receipts should be kept for every deposit with documentation of how the money being deposited was raised.
    4. Every expenditure from the account should be documented with receipts, the purpose of the expense, and most importantly, parent approval. Regions and sites use different methods of gaining parent approval for expenditures. Regardless of method there must be documentation which may be in the form of parent meeting minutes, voting ballots, or some other manner.
  5. Finance will audit part-day parent activity accounts at the end of the school year each June. The full year program will be audited at the end of the fiscal year in July.
  6. Regional Assistants, or whomever the Regional Manager has made responsible for reconciling and maintaining documentation for the accounts, should make appointments to meet with the Finance Director to review the accounts prior to summer lay off.

This complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1301
It was approved by Policy Council on April 24, 2001
Updated January 26, 2001. June 2013

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