The program provides opportunities for parental influence, participation, and self-sufficiency of programs.


  1. Establish effective procedures by which concerned parents and area residents are able to influence the character of program that address their interests and needs. (see Policy Council Concern and Feedback policy)
  2. Encourage parents to participate in community organization activities, serving on committees and giving input on services in their community on a regular basis. (see Empowering Parents and Community and Community Activities policy)
  3. Technical and other support needed to enable parents and area residents to secure on their own behalf available assistance from public and private sources is provided.
  4. Training in all program components occurs for parents. Parent participation in the preparation of the work plan and budget is facilitated through the Budget Committee and yearly review of the work plan. (see Policy Council Sub-Committees and Descriptions of Standing Committees policy)
  5. Parent engagement is encouraged and includes ways in which parents may assist staff on the site level in setting the goals of the program, and through Policy Council participation.
  6. Parental input in the design and evaluation of the program is solicited, encouraged, and implemented through the On Site Program Review Instrument process. (see Program Evaluation policy)
  7. Volunteer orientation is conducted to educate parents and committee members on the opportunities and procedures for program volunteer placements.(see Volunteer Orientation, Training and Follow-up policy)
  8. Use In-Kind data collection sheets to document all volunteer time and any donations.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1304.40.
It was approved by Policy Council on September 9, 1997. August 12, 2014
Updated August 2012. July 2014.

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