To resolve internal disputes between the Policy Council and the HSOLC Board of Directors without disrupting services to HS/EHS children and families.


  1. Policy Council will identify the concern regarding the Board of Director decision and complete the Policy Council Written Concern Form.
  2. The Policy Council Chairperson will submit the Written Concern form to the Executive Director within five working days following the final disputed action by the Board.
  3. The Executive Director will meet with the Policy Council representative within five days after receiving the written concern form
    1. If a resolution plan is agreed upon. The Board of Directors will review and approve or disapprove at their next meeting.
      1. If approved, Policy Council will be notified at their next scheduled meeting.
    2. If a resolution plan is not agreed upon, or the Board of Directors disapproves the plan, then impasse has occurred.
      1. Written notice that an impasse has occurred will be sent to Policy Council and Board of Director members within five working days.
      2. The Executive Director will form an Impasse Committee consisting of two Board members and two Policy Council members, the Executive Director and other resource persons as appropriate.
      3. The Impasse Committee will have five days from its first meeting to develop a new resolution plan.
      4. The new resolution plan will be submitted to the Board of Director and Policy Council at their next scheduled meeting for approval / disapproval.
        1. Voting results will be shared with the other entity.
  4. If a new resolution plan is not reached or approved, the Board of Directors and Policy Council agree to participate in a formal process of mediation to be overseen by the Center for Dialogue & Resolution. If the Center for Dialogue & Resolution is not available, the Board of Directors and Policy Council shall mutually agree on a mediator or mediation service, giving preference to local mediation services offered at or below market rates.
  5. If no resolution is reached with a mediator, the Board of Directors and Policy Council will select a mutually agreeable arbitrator whose decision is final, with preference given to local arbitrators performing services at or below market rates.

Policy Council approved October 2016. November 2016
Board of Directors Approved November 2017

Performance Standard 1301.6