An officer of the Policy Council will be terminated from his or her position under the conditions listed below.


  1. Policy Council must notify the officer in writing that actions are being initiated for removal of that officer.
  2. A three-fourths vote by Policy Council members will carry a motion to terminate an officer.
  3. Cause for termination includes:
    1. Failure to uphold the standards of Head Start.
    2. Inappropriate behaviors while representing Policy Council.
    3. Gross misconduct.
    4. Acting on the behalf of Policy Council without prior authority.
    5. Blatant disrespect of Head Start philosophies.
    6. Neglect of duty.
    7. Outstanding debt.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1301.06
It was approved by Policy Council on September 9, 1997.

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