Policy Council subcommittees make recommendations to the full Policy Council to consider items for approval or disapproval.


  1. The Policy Council establishes subcommittees to perform specific duties.Standing committees are established in December.
  2. Standing committees will hold an organizational meeting within one month of elections, or as required by current needs.
  3. Staff will provide support, training and technical assistance to standing committees.
  4. Ad Hoc committees are formed for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task and are disbanded once their purpose is achieved.
  5. During the Policy Council meeting in which a committee is established, that committee will announce the time, date, and place that it will meet.

Executive committee

  1. Shall be composed of the officers. Other members who wish to attend may by invitation.
  2. The Vice-Chairperson is the presiding chair.
  3. The Executive Committee shall meet at least two week in advance of the Council meeting.
  4. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for preparing the agenda and order of business, and sending agenda and invitation to appropriate persons.
  5. The Executive Committee shall meet with staff to obtain information as needed for reports.
  6. The Committee shall review and comment prior to presentation to Policy Council in the following areas:
    1. Request for funds
    2. All other applicable matters

Bylaws committee

  1. Shall review and recommend changes to the Bylaws. The committee is responsible for ensuring amendments are rewritten into the Bylaws on a yearly basis.
  2. Bylaws will be given to the board of Directors for final approval.

Budget committee

  1. Shall develop the annual Policy Council budget and make changes to the budget as needed. The budget will be presented to Policy Council for final approval.

Events committee

  1. Shall organize and supervise volunteers for special events happening through the year.

Personnel /Hiring Panel

  1. Act in advisory capacity to Policy Council regarding approvals or disapproval of hires, promotions, terminations and performance improvement plans.
  2. Committee members also assist in the recruitment of Head Start parents to participate on hiring panels for staff.
  3. Members receive training in legal matters and confidentiality.

Recruitment/Selection Committee

  1. Shall assure full enrollment in the Head Start program. Goals are to:
    1. develop a recruitment plan.
    2. develop a policy for selection and enrollment (see Selection and Enrollment policy)
    3. develop a policy for timely registration of new enrollees
    4. develop a policy for attendance requirements. (see Attendance policy)

Curriculum Committee

  1. The purpose of this committee is to evaluate and recommend curricula for the Head Start program
  2. Policy Council shall elect a parent representative to the Curriculum Committee.

It was approved by Policy Council on September 9, 1997. August 2009
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