Families will be welcomed into the program through a series of opportunities to promote family engagement.


  1. Enrollment and registration will be conducted with all families to begin the process of family engagement.
  2. All new families enrolled in part day will have contact via phone, email, postal mail or face-to face to welcome parents and to share start up dates for
    1. Orientation
    2. Open House
    3. Small group days
    4. Screening days
      This information will be noted in the meetings table under welcome contacts.
  3. All new families enrolled in the full day program and Early Head Start will receive orientation within one week of registration.
    1. Community Childcare (CCC) Specialists will contact family to set up an orientation contact once the family is accepted into the Head Start full day program.
    2. This contact will be conducted in the home unless the parent requests another location or method of contact (phone, mail or e-mail)
    3. The contact will complete the orientation for the family and will be documented as a home visit in WebCAF.
  4. Full day families who will be continuing in full day will receive the new calendar and any additional new information, but do not require a new orientation or welcome contact. The new information shared with the family will be documented in WebCAF.
  5. Welcome information for part and full day can include (at a minimum):
    1. upcoming important dates;
    2. start up calendar
    3. the Regional Manager welcome information.
  6. Information shared at registration and orientation will be documented in WebCAF and shared with other staff as appropriate.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1304.40.
It was approved by Policy Council on August 11, 1998. August 23, 2011. August 12, 2014
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