A smile crept across the red headed young comic’s face as he peaked inside the window at what we teachers were doing. He knew instantly what was coming next. You see, he had spent the last six weeks studying camping along with his friends. He knew, while peering through the window, that he would experience camping.

They had learned about what camping is, the places you sleep, water and fire safety, what common animals you might see in different regions, how to dress appropriately and stay safe while hiking, what kind of food is typically consumed while camping, how and why people fish, and even about the concept of leaving no trace after camping.

The time had finally come to celebrate the end of their camp curriculum. The week before the classroom had created their own 3D campground using their creative and artistic expression. Now they would get to put their mind and bodies fully into pretending to experience it.

The teachers were inside busily setting up a campground. They had set up two tents, formed a river with fish going through the middle of the class, and had played campfire sounds alongside having a pretend campfire. As expected, the children’s eyes lit up when they walked inside.
The whole classroom first piled into the biggest tent and had a safety circle where we discussed safety rules and expectations. They then got to get out and explore the campground.

Teachers got to witness the children actively practicing what they had learned the last six weeks. Some children wore life jackets while basking on a floatie in the pretend river, others cooked food over the campfire, while others sat and read books or did art in the tents. At the end of the experience the children got to help take down camp and clean it all up. The kids then picnicked outside, still pretending to be camping.

Once the excitement was over, and the youngsters had drifted off to sleep, the teachers marveled over not only how much fun everyone had, but also the fact that the children had clearly soaked up all the information and learning we had done as a group the last 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months).

It was a rewarding and fulfilling feeling to sustain as a teacher, and the reason we chose this profession.

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