SEEKERS is a job training program that offers free, on-the-job training as a Head Start / Early Head Start Teacher. SEEKERS must be able to maintain regular attendance, attend weekly trainings October through May, and complete a work practicum in HS and/or EHS classrooms.

Volunteer hours will be structures to allow SEEKERS to use the skills learned in the training environment and to receive coaching and mentoring from experienced teachers.

SEEKERS are parents

Who is a SEEKER?

Parents and Guardians of currently enrolled children or of children who have participated in Head Start or Early Head Start within the past two years, are eligible to participate in the SEEKERS program. Selected parents will complete 100-150 hours of classroom volunteer work in Head Start and/or Early Head Start classrooms and attend training sessions every Wednesday morning from October through May. (Transportation and childcare are not provided). Participants must be able to read, write and speak with proficiency in the English language. Enrollment will be limited.

SEEKERS will receive training in health, safety, diversity, policies and procedures, curriculum areas. They will earn their food handler’s card and CPR/First Aid, and apply for the Central Background Registry.  Upon successful completion of the SEEKERS Program, The HSOLC Training Manager will help SEEKERS graduates assess their educational background to determine which positions within Head Start of Lane County they may apply for.

If you are interested in the SEEKERS Program, let your child’s teacher know. S/he will forward your name to the Program Special Project Manager who coordinates the program.