A Graduate’s View of the Advantages of Becoming a SEEKER

Support my Family

For me it (SEEKERS) changed everything. I was able to support myself and my 3 kids, and it made me grow not only as a parent but also made me a better person. It made me come out of my anxiety more, and for that I am thankful. I am also confident now, more than I have ever been. Thanks for Head Start and to SEEKERS.

Ann B., SEEKERS Graduate


I would love to tell you some amazing things about SEEKERS and how it helped me to bloom in to the teacher that I am today.

I feel honored to have been part of the SEEKERS program. It has helped me to feel more confident in my classroom, and with my teaching strategies. I feel the classes that I took has helped me to recognize when a child would need someone to help them through their feelings or just sit there and be next to them. Without the SEEKERS training I would have been lost walking in to the classroom; however, I felt more confident. I would not be where I am today had it not been for the SEEKERS program and for that I thank everyone who helped me. Thank you

Treva, SEEKERS Graduate


SEEKERS has had a tremendous impact on my life personally and professionally. It gave me the opportunity to learn and grow as well as feeling supported and valued. I would not be where I am now without the knowledge that I gained from doing the SEEKERS program. I feel privileged to have this job and work with the people that I do! I will always be thankful.

Bethany, SEEKERS Graduate

My Dream Job

Being in SEEKERS means a lot to me. In my personal life it has given a purpose. I came from being a stay at home mom needing/wanting to do more during my days. I loved being home with my kids, but I felt like there was more I could do with my time.  In a professional way, SEEKERS helped me with professional development to become a teacher. Being a teacher has been my dream job and because of SEEKERS I get to work in my dream job! I love saying that I get to be a preschool teacher!!! I have met many people and have made lasting friendships because of SEEKERS

Kristina, SEEKERS Graduate

What is a SEEKER?

SEEKERS is a job training program that offers free, on-the-job training as a Head Start / Early Head Start Teacher. SEEKERS must be able to maintain regular attendance, attend weekly trainings October through May, and complete a work practicum in HS and/or EHS classrooms.

Volunteer hours will be structures to allow SEEKERS to use the skills learned in the training environment and to receive coaching and mentoring from experienced teachers.

Congratulations to SEEKER Tiffany Beal for winning the 2018-2019 Oregon Head Start Association $2,000 Frank Roberts Early Head Start Scholarship.

Her essay speaks of her experiences and involvement in Head Start – from being in the classroom to becoming a SEEKER.  She says…

”As a parent I know that I am the first influence on my child, I am the foundation upon which my child will be able to build off of. I am a source of information, knowledge, teaching, support, strength, comfort and love. I have learned as a parent that there is no greater joy than watching your child blossom into the wonderful tiny humans they are.”

“I love being a SEEKER. Being a SEEKER has proven to me that I can accomplish anything I have set my mind to. As a SEEKER I have learned that I can become what I have always wanted to be, a guiding hand,  a role model, an educator, a source of information or help, a provider of knowledge and fun. I want to be all of these things and more. As a SEEKER I have already had the opportunity test these waters and have only ignited my desire to continue on this path towards my goal of working with children and families.”

You can be the next SEEKER

Enroll your child and Enroll in SEEKERS

Contact Anne Handy for more information at ahandy@hsolc.org

SEEKER Ann Shares Her Success Story

Who is a SEEKER?

Parents and Guardians of currently enrolled children or of children who have participated in Head Start or Early Head Start within the past two years, are eligible to participate in the SEEKERS program. Selected parents will complete 100-150 hours of classroom volunteer work in Head Start and/or Early Head Start classrooms and attend training sessions every Wednesday morning from October through May. (Transportation and childcare are not provided). Participants must be able to read, write and speak with proficiency in the English language. Enrollment will be limited.

SEEKERS will receive training in health, safety, diversity, policies and procedures, curriculum areas. They will earn their food handler’s card and CPR/First Aid, and apply for the Central Background Registry.  Upon successful completion of the SEEKERS Program, The HSOLC SEEKERS Specialist will help SEEKERS graduates assess their educational background to determine which positions within Head Start of Lane County they may apply for.

If you are interested in the SEEKERS Program, let your child’s teacher know. S/he will forward your name to the Program Special Project Manager who coordinates the program.

Designing a SEEKERS Program

A helpful manual is available for other programs as a launching point to creating a SEEKERS career program.

Eye Opening

Being a SEEKERS has opened my eyes to what Head Start is really about, and what it does for such a variety of families. I have learned different ways that I can address situation. Also I have met some neat people, had fun experiences and have made some new friends.

Shannon, Current SEEKER

Better Parent

Participating in the seekers program has given me a sense of purpose. It has taught me to be a better parent and gave me the chance to develop skills to help children in the toughest situations. I’ve developed friendships an overcome anxiety in order to pursue the chance to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. Being a seeker is an opportunity of a lifetime that I am grateful to be given.

Nikki, Current SEEKER

Smiles, Laughter & Fun

I’ve been asked what being a Seeker means to me. It is a hard question to answer with a restriction on the amount of words I can use. To me it is an opportunity to fulfill the desire to work with children, teach them, watch them grow, learn, explore, and expand who they are. The Seekers program has given me the chance to obtain this dream. I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet exceptional people, learn from them, work with them, and be encouraged by all. All the smiles, laughter, and fun we have as a group has made me feel right at home. I am extremely happy to be a Seeker and encourage anyone with the opportunity to take it in a heartbeat, you won’t regret it.

Tiffany B., Current SEEKER


This year has been packed full of learning. I have joined Policy Council as the Secretary and worked on the events committees for Good-bye Brattain and Fishing day.  I am also a SEEKER and work in the classroom as a volunteer.  All of this is possible because of SEEKERS and my love of teaching that SEEKERS has helped me discover. We have learned about CATCH and activities to help children learn and keep them healthy. We saw how to use science & math in a preschool classroom, but most of all we learned how to play like four year olds once again. I am so thankful to Head Start and the SEEKERS Class who have made this year such a joy. Playing with the children has been phenomenal. Thank you for this year of learning fun.

Michelle, Current SEEKER