At HSOLC, we believe that you are your child’s most important teacher…….

We recognize that YOU are the expert when it comes to your child! Our Family Partnership Process begins by keeping you aware and involved in all aspects of your child’s learning, whether that’s ideas for learning in the classroom, sharing your own special skill or talent, or simply letting staff know the kinds of activities your child most enjoys. We continue in partnership by offering all families in our program the opportunity to meet with staff regularly in order to support you in reaching the goals you set for your child and family.


It is very important for children to attend school regularly.  Regular attendance helps better prepare children for Kindergarten and enhances children’s ability to make friends, learn to self soothe, and learn the skills of concentration and focus.

Class Cancellations/Delays

Any decision to cancel classes or have a delayed start due to weather related closures and delays, will be broadcast on local television news channels and radio starting at 7AM. If your class uses the Remind app, announcements will also be made there.  Should class be cancelled for other reasons not related to weather, announcements will be made via text, phone call, or use of the Remind app.


Your information will be kept private! All family records are confidential.  The only written information passed on without prior written permission from you is when your child is transitioning to Kindergarten the next school year.

Your file is available for you to review with advance notice.  Contact the enrollment department at 541-747-2425 ext. 1232.

No Smoking Policy

Please refrain from any form of smoking/vaping.

  • In view of sites and/or Head Start students and staff.  This includes bus stop sites.
  • During home visits.

Parent Code of Conduct

In an effort to ensure that all students, families, visitors and staff feel welcome and safe at our sites, Policy Council has approved a Parent Code of Conduct. We ask that all families, staff, and visitors at our sites follow these same guidelines. To see the Code of Conduct, please visit:

Abuse/Neglect Reporting

We understand that your child’s safety is important to you.  All HSOLC staff are mandated reporters.  That means that staff are required by law to report suspected child abuse and neglect.  Abuse includes physical, emotional, and sexual abuse or neglect that leads to to a threat of harm to the child.  In Oregon, children witnessing or being otherwise involved in domestic violence is also considered child abuse.

Staff will endeavor to provide support and resources to families to address potential abuse/neglect issues before they occur.

For all families, efforts will be made to provide information on effective, positive behavior support.  In the event a report is made, opportunities to discuss future prevention will be addressed by your child’s teacher or a family services staff person whenever appropriate.

Professional Boundaries

At HSOLC, we strive to build genuine relationships with all of the families that we serve.  In an effort to ensure that families are treated equitably and professionally, we have developed the following guidelines for staff.

Staff are strongly discouraged from:

  • Providing child care
  • Attending non-work related social functions
  • Engaging in romantic relationships
  • Accepting/sending “friend requests” on social media
  • Writing letters regarding child custody issues


Please let your child’s teacher or home visitor know about any concerns or questions that you have regarding our program.  If you don’t feel that your concern can be resolved at the classroom level, please contact your Regional Manager or Assistant Regional Manager right away.

Should a parent/caregiver believe that an act of discrimination has occurred, a member of the Executive Leadership Team may be consulted.  Head Start has an Non Discrimination policy that can be found here.

In addition, the Civil Rights Complaint policy is found here. 

If a parent/caregiver does not feel satisfied with regional or Executive Leadership follow up they have an opportunity to bring their concern to the Policy Council. See the policy on that here  Head Start has an official complaint form which can be found here, or ask staff to provide a copy.