Services to Children with Disabilities


Services to Children with Disabilities

You’re not alone! Because many Americans live with at least one disability.

Some disabilities are easy to see, like someone in a wheelchair. But other disabilities, like autism, may not be obvious.

Above all, Head Start of Lane County includes everyone in all activities and programs.

Head Start Services for Children with Disabilities

In Oregon, a primary contractor leads and directs the special education programs. Then they hire other agencies to provide the services.

There are 2 main ways Head Start students are eligible for specialized services

  1. If the child has struggles in two or more skill areas
  2. Or has a major disability condition that affects his or her learning.

Local school districts are responsible for finding and evaluating children with disabilities, birth through 21 years of age. In addition, Head Start of Lane County partners with them and provides services for young children.

Before any disability evaluation, Head Start requires written permission from parents.

Staff and specialists will share a written report with the child’s parents at the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) meeting.

Specialized services may be given to the child before the evaluation is complete if the parent gives written permission.

Staff will explain the tests and results at a meeting. If the parents disagree with the results, they may ask for a re-evaluation.

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