Partnering with Families

Building Relationships with families is a key part of the family partnership process. We do this throughout the program year starting with the intake process, open houses and orientations, home visits, parent/teacher conferences, and parent events. Each time staff meet with families they build rapport and trust with the family which helps parents to feel supported and encouraged to reach their full potential. Through the whole program year, this process continues with the ultimate goal being increased family engagement and school readiness.

Head Start of Lane County has a number of ways to participate. Matching your interest and skills to the needs of the Agency equals success for all. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 541-747-2425 to get started today!

Welcome to Head Start of Lane County! Walking through our doors opens up all kinds of possibilities for child and adult alike. It takes all of us working together to make the change you want for you. It starts at open house/orientation where you learn about Head Start and how we can help you make a change that impacts you, your child and your future. To be better prepared for orientations, click here to read the policy

We look forward to see you soon!

We start out by asking the important questions – what matters to you. The strength assessment is designed to capture both the strengths (what’s working well) and needs (areas I could use some help with) of each family and be a stepping stone to the Family Partnership Agreement.

Head Start staff will provide information and or referrals to assist families with need and goals families have. Success comes from attending. Our job is to give you the resources and referrals that helps lead you to a successful conclusion.

All Head Start families will be invited to participate in activity events. Aside from fun, events will provide parents and caregivers opportunities for parent education (both parenting skills, and or information on services in the community), and provide two-way communication between staff and parents. Events will have interpretation and materials available in the family’s home language whenever possible.

The topics for events are chosen by the enrolled families via the Parent Education and Interest Survey. (English / Spanish)

Want to learn more, click here for the policy on Family Events and Parenting Education

All families will be offered an opportunity to participate in a family partnership agreement. As part of the goal setting process Head Start staff and families can learn from each other. Families can identify hopes and dreams for themselves or their family as a whole and Head Start staff will partner with the family to find ways to reduce/eliminate barriers as parents/caregivers move towards those dreams.  Some examples of family partnerships include the following:

  • Help with bedtime routines
  • Assistance with picky eating
  • Moving to different housing
  • Employment/Career goals
  • Returning to school or other training
  • Addressing challenging behaviors
  • Any current goal that you have for yourself