Policy Council encourages communication between parents, community members and Head Start staff. Before Policy Council becomes involved attempts to resolve at the lowest level must be documented.


  1. Written concerns should include a description of the problem, date of occurrence, names of people involved and possible solutions. Parents should consult their Policy Council Representative for advice and assistance.
  2. The written concern form will be completed by the individual(s) involved and given to the Executive Director within ten (10) working days. A meeting will be scheduled to discuss the situation. The Executive Director may invite all or part of the following to review the situation: Policy Council Chairperson, Parent/Community member, Policy Council Representative, individual staff person addressed in the concern, Regional Manager, Consultants, Board of Directors Chairperson or other members of the Board of Directors.
  3. A written response will be prepared by the Executive Director outlining action taken and given to Parent/Community Members within ten (10) working days of the meeting.
  4. If Parent/Community member is not satisfied with the written response from the Executive Director, the Parent/Community member may request a joint meeting of the Policy Council and Board of Directors Executive Committee for final resolution of the concern through a written request to the Policy Council Chairperson. (see Policy Council Emergency/Special Meeting policy)

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1301.6.
It was approved by Policy Council on September 9, 1997
Updated October 25, 2002. October 2017

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