Early Head Start (0-35 months)

Early Head Start is for children 0 to 35 months old. They can not turn 3 years old before September 1st. It runs all year long.

The Early Head Start program is for infants, toddlers, pregnant women and their families. Early Head Start helps your child prepare for kindergarten. It also helps pregnant women get prenatal and postpartum care.  Early Head Start offers parents many opportunities to learn about good parenting skills.

Child care is a big worry for parents of young children. Early Head Start can help parents work with child care providers and understand how to get help paying for child care.

Prenatal Program for Pregnant Moms:

The prenatal program helps pregnant moms get the support they need for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Both the expecting mom and the unborn baby need regular prenatal care, a healthy diet, exercise and to avoid stress, alcohol or other harmful substances.

The prenatal program includes home visits to ensure moms-to-be get the information and support they need. Once the baby is born, he or she is automatically enrolled in one of our Early Head Start programs.

Home Base Program for Infants and Young Toddlers:

The first days, months and years with your new baby are so important. The Home Base Program visits the home every week to help you be the best parent you can be. Twice a month, parents and children come to the school to learn together and from each other. We have some funds for transportation and meals are provided.

Combination Program for Older Toddlers:

Older toddlers are ready to be with other kids and learn in a classroom setting twice a week. Once a month, parents and toddlers have “together time” in the classroom.  Two times a month staff visits homes so they can answer questions, provide resources and support your parenting skills. We have some funds for transportation.

Head Start (Ages 3-4 years)

If your child will be 3 or 4 years old by September 1, they may qualify for one of the following Head Start program options.

Part-Day Program:

This Part-Day Program runs September through June, four days a week (Monday-Thursday) for 3 1/2 hour sessions morning  or afternoon. We focus on kindergarten readiness. Head Start has some transportation available.

Full-Day Program:

The Full-Day Program is for working families who need full-day childcare. The program runs Monday-Friday, year round.  We don’t provide transportation at this time.

The Head Start continues to help families and children when they move into kindergarten.

The Head Start program includes:

  • Special Education Services

  • Education Services

  • Family Services

  • Health/Nutrition Services

  • Mental Health Services

  • Parent Involvement