I wanted to share what our classroom over here at U of O has been doing as a long term science experiment.
In the Fall of 2021, our friends became very interested in gardening and food. How to grow different foods, what food look like when they grow versus when we see them on our plates at the table and what happens when plants/foods when they don’t get eaten, or they die. Teacher read a book called ‘Pumpkin Jack’ by Will Hubbell and the children learned what happened to the pumpkin after it got left outside in the elements.
Then, Teacher decided to save a pumpkin and placed it in an old cheese ball container with some soil. Teacher told the children that we would not be giving the pumpkin any water, sunlight or air, and we would watch to see what happens. Children made predictions that Jack would ‘melt down and disappear‘ or that he would ‘ not grow anymore’.
We started ‘Jack’s’ journey on November 11th, 2021  (Day #1). We carved him and face and sealed the container.
On December 16th, we took another photo and that was Day #37. Recently, on January 3rd, 2022, we came back after the holiday break and saw that Jack had changed quite a bit! ( Day #54)! 
The children asked, ” Teacher Gina, why did you put shaving cream on him!?” Now we get to learn about mold and the process of decomposing.
Pumpkin Jack will be around for the whole school year and we are excited to see what happens to him next!
EuGina Fails
Head Teacher at Head Start of Lane County | U of O