Wednesday May 25th, marked the last day of school for the part day classroom. While we had to find ways to socialize, teach and learn while wearing masks we were able to do so.
This year the Park 1 PM class became artist, engineers, architects, gardeners, scientist, mathematicians, and even musicians but more importantly we became friends.
We learned how plants grow and what they need to grow but we also learned about what our bodies needed. We explored how to build our designs and explored changed in our environments. We made instruments and learned to count to the beat of our own drums. We painted the foundations of social skills needed to continue our growth.
Coming to school during a pandemic is hard. However, we made it through and luckily our classroom was only shut down once due to Covid. We were lucky that our parents took our health screenings seriously and collaborated with us to keep kids safe and healthy.
This year was a year of learning and adjusting but we made in through and the class at Park 1 PM celebrated like there was no tomorrow. For the first time in 2 years parents were able to join their students on the playground and join us in an outside circle where the students sang their favorite songs from the year.
Our classroom would not run without the support of our families coming to school, or our coworkers helping us in the classroom. We the teachers of Park 1 PM feel very grateful to having such a strong team supporting our students this last year.

Teachers Nikki, Heidi and Rex.