The Oregon Head Start Association offers four $2,000 scholarship for parents, staff and past HS graduates now graduating from High School. These scholarships are read, scored and winners selected at the May State meeting. Over 200 Head Start graduates now graduating seniors applied for that scholarship and two parents from HSOLC applied for the parent scholarships. One parent was selected for the Frank Roberts Early Head Start scholarship – Tiffany Beal.

Her essay speaks of her experiences and involvement in Head Start – from being in the classroom to becoming a SEEKER.  She says

“”As a parent I know that I am the first influence on my child, I am the foundation upon which my child will be able to build off of. I am a source of information, knowledge, teaching, support, strength, comfort and love. I have learned as a parent that there is no greater joy than watching your child blossom into the wonderful tiny humans they are.”

“I love being a SEEKER. Being a SEEKER has proven to me that I can accomplish anything I have set my mind to. As a SEEKER I have learned that I can become what I have always wanted to be, a guiding hand,  a role model, an educator, a source of information or help, a provider of knowledge and fun. I want to be all of these things and more. As a SEEKER I have already had the opportunity test these waters and have only ignited my desire to continue on this path towards my goal of working with children and families.”