During the past three years Head Start of Lane County has produced 24 HS/EHS parents/guardians and two-year past parent/guardians participants to become qualified teaching staff through the Agency volunteer career training program called “SEEKERS” Specialized Employment Efforts Keep Education Running Smoothly.

The training program is provided free of cost to eligible applicants and currently has 18 parents/guardians participating. In order to graduate as SEEKERS, participants attend weekly 3 hour training classes from October to May and volunteer 100-150 hours in the classroom.

Our new SEEKERS have recently been assigned to a Mentor Head Teacher and a classroom. We appreciate these Mentor Head Teachers for their service to future employees and the entire Agency. Your concern for making the agency a better place to work is obvious to all who mentored by you:

This years Mentor Head Teachers are:

Roz Haynes
Kayla Bauer
Ashlee Van Hout
Tonya Pickner
Jen Judd
Alissa McPherson
Maria Curtis
Kayla Goddard
Tarra Kuroda
Christal Bristol
Casey Watson
Jessica Zhou
Deanne Ruede
Rosa Hernandez
Sandy Gorham

The SEEKERS program is successful because of your participation.

Thank you.