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Position Purpose

To ensure our youngest children have a solid foundation for life. To encourage the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of Head Start children and to attend to their safety and welfare. To promote family engagement in all aspects of the program. To meet requirements of Federal Head Start Performance Standards and any local, state and/or agency policies and procedures. To abide by the Head Start of Lane County code of conduct and Ethics Statement written within the employee handbook.

Essential Job Responsibilities: Performance Indicators

Classroom Time / School Readiness

  1. Supervise and monitor children at all times and respond appropriately to crisis or emergency situations that may occur.
  2. Establish a positive classroom climate.
  3. Guide the behavior of children in positive, effective ways.
  4. Follow a consistent schedule which includes small and large group experiences, choice time, music and movement, large and small motor activities, skill development, meals and effective transitions between activities.
  5. Encourage experimentation, exploration, problem solving, cooperation, socialization and choice-making; ask open-ended questions and follow-up questions to promote further learning and thinking.
  6. Promote English language acquisition of children who are English- and Dual-Language learners.
  7. Release children only to individuals with appropriate signed consent.

Individualization, Curriculum and Assessment

  1. Follow agency-adopted curricula, using effective strategies to guide learning.
  2. Prepare the classroom environment and materials to support developmentally appropriate curriculum plans and learning experiences.
  3. Assess individual and group needs, attending to specific interests, strengths and concerns.
  4. Work with appropriate agencies to develop specialized planning for children and families as needed.
  5. Coordinate with support staff when indicated, developing a collaborative approach that benefits all children in the classroom.
  6. Adapt curriculum to address and meet individual goals for children as identified in their individualized family service plans (IFSP).
  7. Develop and utilize integrated curriculum plans which reflect mandated elements and components, familial and cultural influences, and promote the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of Head Start children.
  8. Establish weekly goals that promote individual and group educational plans and include other Head start components.
  9. Participate in integrated service meetings to plan for and delivery collaborative services across all components.

Family Engagement and Community Partnerships

  1. Provide an atmosphere that promotes and reinforces family and volunteer engagement.
  2. Support the role of families as the first and primary teachers of their children.
  3. Support families’ safety, health, financial stability, life goals and aspirations.
  4. Conduct by-monthly 90 minute home visits with individual families.
  5. Help plan and participate in family activity events.
  6. Coordinate with the Family Support Coordinator (FSC) as needed to assist families to complete follow-ups (i.e. dental, medical, physical and mental health needs of families, etc.)
  7. Coordinate with the Early Childhood Education Coordinator (ECEC) and FSC to provide families with timely information and referrals appropriate to their needs.
  8. Monitor and document attendance concerns.
  9. Provide learning opportunities for dual-language in the home


  1. Utilize agency adopted tools for ongoing assessment and documentation.
  2. Ensure all federal, local, state and/or agency documentation is completed accurately.
  3. Document all family contacts and home visits.
  4. Monitor and report child abuse.

Professional Development

  1. Attend and participate in training and appropriate professional development activities.
  2. Attend and participate in meetings.
  3. Engage in ongoing self-assessment about job performance

Additional Job Responsibilities

  1. Assist with breaks, food service and bus monitoring as needed for the model and other classroom needs as requested.
  2. Work with other staff to ensure general maintenance and security of facility.
  3. Assist with inventory of equipment and supplies.
  4. Assume Substitute Director role as requested.
  5. Other duties as requested.

All communications are potentially sensitive and are subject to Head Start’s policy on confidentiality.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Frequent significant decision and problem solving skills.
  2. Ability to work as a team member collaborating with staff, families and community resources.
  3. Ability to supervise and monitor children at all times to ensure a safe environment. This includes the physical ability to monitor and move quickly in order to respond to children who are very active and may need restraint or redirection in order to insure their safety or the safety of others.
  4. Ability to apply Early Childhood Development (focus on infant/toddler) theory in daily activities, and adapt to the individual needs of children.
  5. Ability to respond appropriately to an emergency or a crisis situation.
  6. Regular driving for home visits sometimes in outlying areas.
  7. Regular kneeling, stooping, bending, and sitting on the floor to attend to children’s needs.
  8. Occasional lifitng up to 5

Minimum Requirements

  1. Minimum of an Associate’s Degree (AA) in Early Childhood Education and acquisition of Infant/Toddler CDA (Child Development Associate Certificate). OR additional Infant Toddler training within one year of hire.
  2. Prefer two years experience in preschool (infant/toddler) classroom. Experience should include the ability to adapt curriculum to meet the needs of all children including at risk, special needs, and culturally diverse populations.
  3. Knowledge of community resources and referral experience assisting families in need of services is highly desirable.
  4. Must have flexible schedule to accommodate family needs, may include some evening or weekend hours.
  5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Bilingual English/Spanish skills highly desirable.
  6. Intermediate to advanced computer skills, internet and e-mail.
  7. Must have  a valid Oregon Driver’s License and proof of insurance and must provide own vehicle for home visits.
  8. Within 30 days of employment must be Pediatric CPR and First Aid certified and have a current Food Handler’s card.
  9. Health Appraisal Questionnaire is required at hire and will be updated every two years.
  10. At time of hire must be currently enrolled in Child Care – Central Background Registry and must renew every two years.
  11. Within 60 days of employment, must provide proof of enrollment into the Oregon Registry Step’s Program. Application forms will be issued at time of hire.

Position Information

  • Full Year Position / non exempt
  • Supervised by EHS Manager.

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Signature Date

Policy Council approved August 2017
This job description was created July 2017

Updated: August 2021

This job description was last updated on 08/11/2021. Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. This job description is subject to change at any time.

Head Start of Lane County is an EEO Employer.
Head Start of Lane County is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All employment decisions, including the recruiting, hiring, placement, training availability, promotion, compensation, evaluation, disciplinary actions, and termination of employment (if necessary) are made without regard to the employee’s race, color, creed, religion, sex, pregnancy or childbirth, personal appearance, family responsibilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation, source of income, place of residence, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, marital status, military veteran status, unfavorable discharge from military service, physical or mental disability, or on any other basis prohibited by applicable law.

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