Head Start of Lane County prepares a monthly reimbursement claim following the Child and Adult Food Care Program Policy and Procedure Manual. 


  1. The Regional Assistant (RA) from each region collects site paperwork (including meal count sheets and daily attendance) and organizes them chronologically by site. 
  2. The RA reviews paper daily attendance with the electronic Child Plus App attendance documentation and corrects any errors in the attendance section only. The Child Plus App locks the meal count feature after the meal time to ensure no changes can be accidentally made to the meal count. 
  3. The RA turns in all paperwork to the Food Service Manager (FSM) by the 5th of each month for the previous month. 
  4. The FSM runs report 2310 in Child Plus. Under the filter, all locations are selected that participate in CACFP and the dates are selected for the beginning and end of each month. Summary by classroom is printed. Summary by week is opened for review. The FSM reviews each day for each classroom to ensure no sites overclaimed based on attendance. The FSM documents any day that has a missing meal count and write the date and meal type (B for breakfast, L for lunch, S for snack) on the Summary by classroom report. The FSM documents the total number of days in session for each site on the Summary by classroom report. 
  5. The FSM reviews the paper meal count sheet. If a missing meal from Child Plus is documented on the paper meal count sheet, the FSM adds this number next to the meal type documented on the Summary by classroom report. The day’s meal count is added to the total on the Summary by classroom report.  
  6. The FSM reviews report 7002 (Special Diets) to document non-reimbursed special diets. If a special diet restricts a meal component without Medical Statement – Accommodate Disabilities form, the meals are subtracted from the totals on the Summary by classroom report. The child’s individual meal counts can be found in the child’s Child Plus file under the attendance tab. Total numbers of each meal type are added and documented on the Summary by classroom report. If the meal count was taken on paper, the paper attendance sheet is used to determine which meals the child was present for.  
  7. The FSM enters the totals from the Summary by classroom report in an excel for calculating site totals (both attendance and meal counts) and comparing the attendance and meal counts. 
  8. The Food service Assistant reviews the excel and Summary by classroom report to check that the addition of meals and transfer of data is free from errors.  
  9. The FSM uses the Summary by classroom report and excel to enter the total in CNPweb.  Under claims, select “Add” next to the Month. Do Not select the “I Certify….” box at this point. Submit the form without checking the box. Once you add, select the (+) sign in the folder to open up the individual sites. Under each site, the Number of Operating Days, Total Monthly Attendance, and Total Meals is entered and submitted.  
  10. The FSM compares the totals in CNPweb to the total in the excel document.  
  11. The FSM selects the claim summary and checks the “I Certify…” box.  
  12. The FSM emails a pdf of the claim to the HS Director, Finance Director, Operations Director and Eligibility & Enrollment Manager. 
  13. The FSM notes the reimbursement amount and monthly expenses for the month’s food cost percentage 

Policy Council approved December 2020

© Head Start of Lane County.

Reviewed: December 2020