All children entering the Head Start Program are required to meet the minimum standards for immunizations in accordance with Oregon’s Childhood Immunization Schedule or have a medical or religious exemption.

The Health and Safelty Consultant (HSC) is responsible for monitoring compliance with ORS433.235-433.280 regarding Immunizations and School Exclusions.


New Enrollees:

  1. Program applicants will submit a signed Childhood Immunization Certificate (CIS) with their enrollment application, or immunization information will be accessed from Oregon Alert Immunization Registry Database.
  2. A child does not have to be “complete” or “up to date” to enroll or be put on the Head Start waiting list.
  3. The state of Oregon requires (ORS 433.235-433.280) that prior to attendance children must have a minimum of one dose of the following vaccines: Varicella (or a history of chickenpox disease), Diptheria-Tetanus and Pertussis (DTaP), Polio (IPV,OPV), Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR),
  4. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Haemophilus Influenza type b (Hib) (Hib only if they are under 5 years of age), or have a medical or religious exemption.
  5. TB screening (PPD) of children entering the program will occur only if directed to do so by Lane County Public Health Communicable Disease program.
  6. The Health Services Assistant (HSA) will evaluate each CIS record to ensure that the certificate is signed, has at least the month and dose of vaccine received or a religious or medical exemption.
  7. If a new enrollee does not have at least one of each mandatory immunization (see above) or a medical or religious exemption the HSA will note in Child Plus that they must be excluded from the classroom until they meet the minimum requirement.
  8. Immunization dates will be entered into Child Plus by the HSA or any volunteers designated to perform data entry in the Health Services Department.
  9. The HSA and any designated volunteers will update immunization records by using the Oregon Alert Database, communicating with families or Family Service Staff (FSS) about needed immunizations and making appropriate notes in Child Plus.
  10. Teacher, CCC, FSC and RA will also work with families to ensure that they are informed and have the resources needed to complete or remain “up to date” on their child immunizations.

All Enrollees:

  1. Annually, the Lane County Public Health Department requests a Primary Review Summary report. This report is a yearly evaluation process required for all preschools, certified childcare facilities and elementary school (ORS 433.235) and is enforced by state law through the Oregon Health Division. This report will be generated using data from the Child  Plus database program (approved by LCPH).
  2. By January 15th of each year, the HSA will compile a report (using Child Plus) showing all the children that will need to be excluded by the February exclusion deadline and then confer with the HSC, LCPH, and FSS to develop a plan to prevent those children from being excluded.
  3. In accordance with Oregon Law, the exclusion day is approximately the third week in February and all children who still have not had their immunizations updated will be excluded from the Head Start classroom until the records are updated with the Health Assistant.

This policy complies with Head Star tPerformance Standard 45 CFR Section 1304.20.
It was approved by Policy Council on September 10, 2002
Updated May 23, 2002, Updated June 11, 2008. July 2013. April 2021

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