All staff and volunteers are required at time of hire or placement to understand and abide by the codes of conduct asset forth in the Federal Performance Standards 45 CFR 1304.52 (h)(1-3) and Head Start of Lane County. The following standards specify that:

  1.  I will respect and promote the unique identity of eachchild and family and refrain from stereotyping on the basis of gender, race,ethnicity, culture, religion, disability, sexual orientation or genderidentity.
  2. Maintaining confidentiality is important to the success of our mission, our reputation in the community and the privacy of clients and staff. Family files, personnel records, financial information, client information and other related information is considered confidential. I am required to protect this information by safeguarding it when in use, filing it properly when not in use, and discussing it only with those who have alegitimate need to know.  Additionally staff, who are also parents, may not access confidential information (as defined above) other than what is required within the scope of their job responsibilities. If approached by members of the news media, requesting information regarding Head Start of Lane County operations, I will refer requests to the Executive Director.
  3. I understand that no child shall be left alone or unsupervised while under my care. Supervised is interpreted to mean at least one paid or contracted staff person is present, unless an exception has been approved by the Regional Manager or their designee.
  4. I will use positive methods of child guidance that do not engage in corporal punishment, emotional or physical abuse, humiliation, isolation or the use of food as punishment or reward or the denial of basic needs.
  5. I understand that no child may be removed from the presence of staff other than a child’s own parent or guardian or other authorized person.
  6. I will not solicit or accept gratuities, favors, oranything of significant value for personal use or enrichment from contractors/vendors or potential contractors/vendors who have been awarded contracts or provide services or materials for Head Start of Lane County.
  7. Unless authorized by the Executive Director or Regional Manager to do so, I will not solicit or request donations (monetary, services and/or goods) for the agency or agency sponsored events.
  8. I understand thatI must maintain professional boundaries with agency enrolled children/familiesat all times.Staff are expected to keep their personal lives separate from that of enrolledchildren/families and shall have only limited contact outside of work time and/or work related activities.  Staff are to discuss with their supervisor any situations/relationshipswith enrolled children/families that are unclear or questionable.
  9. I understand this document shall be placed in my personnel file and that violations of these codes may result in disciplinaryaction up to and including termination.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1304.52 (h-1-3)   Policy Council Approval on April 24, 2001,updated and approved 08/14/2007.
Board of Directors approved on November 17, 2009