Early Childhood Coordinating Agency for Referral, Evaluation and Services (Early Childhood CARES) is an umbrella agency of the University of Oregon and therefore follows the U of O calendar for vacations and holidays. Some of these vacation breaks and holidays do not match the Head Start of Lane County services calendar. During these Early Childhood CARES breaks, some related services are not required to be provided, even though Head Start of Lane County services may continue.


If a Head Start of Lane County child needs a classroom assistant to remain in class during an early childhood education break time, the following process should be followed:

  1. DST or the Regional Manager will ask if the Early Childhood CARES assistant is willing to work during Early Childhood CARES non service days.
  2. If the assistance is willing to work, Early Childhood CARES service coordinator will be notified.
  3. The Regional Manager will document the assistant’s name and specific dates that will be worked “off” of the ECSE service time and submit the information to the Education and Disabilities Consultant. 
  4. The Early Childhood CARES service coordinator will notify the assistant of the arrangement and how that time worked will be documented and paid.  
  5. If the assistant is not able to work during the break or holiday time, the Regional Manager, site staff and Child Development/Disabilities (CD/D) Consultant will determine what action will be taken.
  6. If the assistant does work during a break period, Early Childhood CARES will bill Head Start of Lane County for the hours worked. The Early Childhood CARES service coordinator will be the liaison between the classroom assistant and the payroll/billing department at Early Childhood CARES.

The policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1302.61, 1302.63
It was approved by Policy Council on December 12, 2000
Updated October 30, 2000. June 2009. October 2010. October 2012. June 2018

REVIEWED: June 2021

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