Early Head Start staff will write a curriculum plan that includes goals for their children’s development and learning.It will also detail the experiences through which they will achieve these goals, the roles for staff or parents to hep children achieve the goals, and the materials needed to support the use of the curriculum. The curriculum plan will be based on sound developmental principles about how children learn and grow and the Performance Standards. It is also responsive to children’s strengths, needs, and interests.

The curriculum uses a variety of strategies to promote and support learning and developmental progress. It encourages the development of secure relationships, supports the social and emotional development of infant and toddlers and promotes their physical development.


For Center Based Activities:

  1. Gather information about the child and family’s interests, routines, strengths and needs using the EHS Home Visit plan form (see Home Visit policy).
  2. On the EHS Individual Routine form, document when each child needs a diaper change/toileting, a meal, or a nap. Each EHS primary care provider in the classroom will be in charge of following through with the routines of the focal children in their care.
  3. On the EHS Weekly Curriculum form (located on the portal and in shares), identify goal(s) in each developmental domain that the class will focus on. Use information from the most recent TS-Gold assessment and individualized curriculum (see EHS Individualization policy) to determine goals the class is ready to learn.
    1. Write the materials and experiences that the teacher will provide to reach the goals on the form.
    2. Also include family involvement and adaptations / accommodations to be made for the week.
  4. Write thoughts / plans to assist in planning for the following week.
  5. For group socialization or parent-child groups, include parent chat topics in the special experiences section.
  6. Keep records available.
    1. Keep copies of past weeks’ curriculum plans in the Curriculum binder.
    2. Post current week’s weekly EHS Weekly Curriculum form in the classroom where it is visible to parents and then file in Curriculum binder.
    3. Post individual routine form where it is convenient for direct service staff to see.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standards 45 CFR 1304.3(a)(5), 1304.21(b).

Policy Council approved December 2012.

Updated: April 2018