Evaluation information is shared to determine initial eligibility for Early Intervention (EI) or Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) services. The team will consist of parent, Early Childhood CARES consultant, and representatives of referring agency (in the case of Head Start of Lane County, it will include Teacher and could also include the Regional Manager and/or ECE Coordinator). Representatives from any other agencies working with the child and family may also be included.


Note:The eligibility meeting may also be combined with the Initial IFSP meeting.

  1. Agency responsibilities (HSOLC and Early Childhood CARES) for Evaluation and Eligibility for Special Education services are documented in the Interagency Agreement that is updated annually. 
  2. All team members will receive a “Prior Notice” letter within ten days of the eligibility meeting date. The meeting date, time and location will be arranged at the convenience of the parent(s).
  3. The team will ensure that the evaluation documentation presented at the meeting meets the following criteria:
    1. Not culturally or racially biased.
    2. Tests and other materials used with child and parent were in their primary language.
    3. One or more of the evaluations used must be a standardized measure.
    4. Includes observations of the child, preferably in two different settings.
  4. The meeting will address the following:
    1. Review of all pertinent records related to child’s current health status and medical history.
    2. Sharing preliminary results of evaluations.
    3. Determination of eligibility including the completion of the Eligibility form (Early Childhood CARES form), whether the child is found eligible or not.
    4. Completion of the IFSP Summary form (Early Childhood CARES form).
    5. During the meeting, the Early Childhood CARES service coordinator will generally facilitate the meeting and will be responsible for seeing that all the paperwork is completed during the meeting and makes a copy of the completed IFSP and eligibility paperwork available to direct service teams.
    6. A plan will be developed to inform the “need to know” agencies of the team’s decision (Head Start, Early Childhood CARES, School Districts, other agencies involved with the child and family.
  5. Eligibility paperwork is completed by Early Childhood CARES.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section subpart f 1302.60
It was approved by Policy Council on April 8, 1997,December 12, 2000

Updated October 2000. June 2008. August 2011. October 2012. July 2018

REVIEWED: June 2021

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