Parents and staff will be informed of Head Start exclusion guidelines for ill children and adults.


  1. In order to insure the safety and health of our children and staff, and in compliance with regulations set forth by Oregon Child Care Division, children or adults who have any of the following conditions will be excluded from the classroom until either the condition subsides, or we receive communication from that individual’s medical provider stating that they are no longer contagious.
    1. An oral temperature over 101º – or100º if taken under the arm.
    2. A painful, red throat, even if no fever is present.
    3. A deep, hacking cough.
    4. * Difficulty breathing, or untreated wheezing (call or see your doctor).
    5. An unexplained rash.
    6. Vomiting (more than one time in last24 hours).
    7. Diarrhea (runny , watery or *bloody stools).
    8. * Complaints of a stiff neck and headache with one or more of the above symptoms call or see your doctor).
    9. Thick green drainage from the nose along with sinus pressure, fever or tiredness.
    10. Yellow discharge from the eyes.
    11. An unusual yellow coloring to the skin or eyes (call or see your doctor).
    12. Cuts or openings on the skin that are pus-filled or oozing (bring a note from doctor and keep sores covered).
    13. Lice or nits (ask the teacher for assistance with this issue).
    14. A contagious disease. If you know or suspect your child has a contagious disease, please call your child’s teacher (see your doctor to confirm the disease and receive medication/s if needed).
  2. Parents who feel their child is too ill to participate in outdoor activities should be advised by staff to keep her/him home an extra day to insure a complete recovery.  If a chronic health condition limits participation in outdoor activities, a plan will be developed in partnership with that child’s health care provider.
  3. If staff are unsure about a child’s condition or a child is brought in to the classroom that they suspect is ill, they should first discuss the issue with the parent.  If the parent and staff are not in agreement about the need for exclusion from the classroom, the staff should contact the R.M. or the Health/Safety Consultant for advice.
  4. Staff will refer to the Communicable Disease Protocol and Communicable Disease and Illness policy and procedures for further guidance.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45CFR Section 1304.22 .
It was approved by Policy Council on October 17, 1997.
Revised July 24, 2002. July 2013
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