A child’s enrollment does not depend on the payment of a fee; nor will the program require fees to be paid for standard Head Start services.


  1. Head Start of Lane County will assess a fee  for children enrolled in the Full Day program. This fee will cover services, namely wrap-around childcare, that is in addition to standard services which are free to families, and funded by Head Start. Full Day program fees for wrap-around childcare will typically be covered by state subsidies (HS-DHS contract, ERDC, etc.) or a sliding-scale payment agreement between HSOLC and the family..
  2. See Full Day / Year Agency Subsidy and Full Day / Year Parent Pay policies.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1302.18

It was approved by Policy Council on December 10, 2002. January 13, 2004
Board of Directors approved on November 17, 2009

Updated November 22, 2002. January 7, 2004. April 2021
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