1. Consultants are responsible for new forms, revisions of existing forms, or deletion of forms.
  2. Forms will either be available on the portal,  on Child Plus or on SignEasy The Executive Administrative Assistant is responsible for maintaining the electronic posting of forms to the portal. The Data Monitoring & Professional Development Manager is responsible for maintaining forms in Child Plus.
  3. Regional Assistants (RA) request hard copy forms production from the Executive Administrative Assistant, providing
    1. Name of form (English / Spanish)
    2. Number to be produced
    3. Where form should be sent
  4. Consultants will keep Regional Assistants and the Executive Assistant informed of any form changes, deletions or creations.
  5. Regional use only hard copy forms which have been approved by the Regional Manager and will be maintained and produced by the RA.
  6. SignEasy forms created as templates will be shared as appropriate and managed by the template designer. SignEasy templates will be approved by the Regional Manager or Consultant of the content area.

This has been approved by Policy Council on March 11, 2003
Updated November 6, 2002. March 3, 2003

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