Full-day, full-year services will be available for eligible Head Start families using a collaborative subsidy or parent pay. The Head Start Full Day program enrolls families who are working, participating in job search, or attending school and who demonstrate a need for Full Day services.


  1. Parents/legal guardians/ caretakers (hereafter referred to in shortened form as ‘parent(s)’) must maintain minimum attendance of 136 hours per month to remain qualified for Full Day Head Start, if they are participating in the DHS –HS Child Care Contract. Otherwise, if not participating in DHS-HS Contract, parent must maintain a minimum of 30 hours per week.
  2. Parent must provide Head Start with proof of the child care subsidy, prior to child’s enrollment in the Full Day Program.
  3. Parent is responsible for payment of the Department of Human Services (DHS) determined co-pay each month. The initial co-pay is due to Head Start within the first 5 days of starting attendance.


  1. Copay billing invoices shall be provided to families no later than five days after receipt of the billing form.
  2. Payments will be due net 15 of the copay invoice date. If the due date falls on a Saturday the payment should be paid on the Friday before. If the due date falls on a Sunday the payment should be paid on the following Monday.
  3. If a DHS billing form is delayed, the parent’s payment to Head Start will be due within 15 days of the date that Head Start bills the parent


  1. Families are expected to meet paperwork and DHS eligibility requirements to maintain their subsidy.
  2. If a family is eligible for a subsidy and fails to meet DHS subsidy requirements, the steps regarding late payment will apply.
  3. If Head Start receives notification from DHS that there is no child care subsidy for the current month, the parent will be notified immediately to develop a plan. Parents are expected to partner with Head Start and DHS to resolve any billing issues.

Late Payments

  1. If payment is not received by net 15 of the copay invoice date, the billing clerk will notify the Regional Manager and ERSEA Manager. The Family Support Coordinator (FSC) will work to support the family and assist them in developing a payment plan.
  2. When the payment is 30 days overdue (family owes for two months), the billing clerk will send the family a past due notice. The FSC, Regional Manager, ERSEA Manager will intensify efforts to work in partnership with the family.
  3. When the payment is 60 days overdue (the family owes for three months) the FSC, Regional Manager, and ERSEA Manager will develop an individualized plan for the family.


  1. Payments will be mailed or made in person at the Head Start Central Office at 221 B Street, Springfield. Locked payment boxes are available at sites for check and money order payments. Cash payments can only be made in person at the Head Start Central Office.
  2. If a cash payment is received the Finance Office will provide a written receipt

Meets Performance Standard 1302.18

Please see Transport of Parent Pay Cash Payments (in the Full Day / Year Program – Parent Pay or Financial Aid Policy) items a-d and Receptionist duties i-iv

Policy Council approved October 2017.
Updated April 2021

Reviewed: December 2020. April 2021