Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP) will be implemented as soon as possible after the IFSP meeting by modifying the child’s program in accordance with the IFSP and arranging for the provision of related services. If a child enters Head Start with an IFSP completed within two months prior to entry, services must begin within the first two weeks of program attendance. All IFSP meetings and services will be documented in child’s electronic file.


  1. Early Childhood CARES provides copies of all required paperwork to Head Start.
  2. Regional Assistants (RA), with the support from Early Childhood Education Coordinator (ECEC) or EHS Specialist, ensure necessary papers are placed in child’s file.
    1. If the required paperwork is missing, teacher or RA notifies ECEC/EHS Specialist.
    2. ECEC/EHS Specialist informs Early Childhood CARES of missing paperwork.
  3. ECEC will ensure that IFSP information is entered in the Disabilities section of child’s electronic file.
  4. Regional Mangers and ECECs will run monthly reports to track referrals and meeting dates.
  5. Early Childhood CARES provides consultant notebooks and calendars to each site with tabs for each child receiving early childhood special education (ECSE) services.
  6. ECSE service log for each child will include required service, who is responsible, and time allotment. ECSE service provider will complete the service log.
  7. Each service provider who sees a child will document their visit on the calendar.
    1. A copy of the service log calendar will be placed n the child’s site file by the ECEC annually.
    2. ECEC will monitor to ensure services provided match the cover sheet of IFSP.
  8. Additional consultant notes may be placed in the notebook to be added to child’s file at end of each quarter by educational staff.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45CFR Section 1302.53(a)(b), 1302.61

It was approved by Policy Council on October 14, 1997.
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