Staff will participate in regular integrated service meetings to ensure appropriate information sharing, planning, and service coordination for children and families across program components. For children with disabilities and other special needs, all team members will be fully informed of each child’s options, progress and services in order to collaborate for the planning and delivery.


  1. Staff will participate in monthly integrated service meetings for children and families. Integrated service meetings may be either comprehensive or topic specific.
    1. Comprehensive integrated service meetings include information across all program components: child development, disabilities, health/nutrition, mental health and family engagement
    2. Examples of topic specific meetings include: Attendance, Education, Family Engagement, Health, Nutrition, Mental/Behavioral Health, Disabilities.
  2. Regional Managers (RMs) or Assistant Regional Managers (ARMs) will schedule monthly Integrated Service Meetings for each Head teacher within their region.
    1. Typically the RM or ARM, Head teacher, Family Support Coordinator (FSC), and Early Childhood Education Coordinator (ECEC) will attend although other staff may be invited as needed.
    2. Participants will plan for the meeting ahead of time and prioritize which children and families will be discussed.
    3. Information will be entered into WebCAF at the time of the meeting. Team will indicate in WebCAF if meeting is Comprehensive or Topic Specific. If the meeting is Topic specific, staff will indicate the topic under discussion.
    4. Staff will utilize the follow up area in the Staffing section of WebCAF to indicate action items which require follow up.
  3. To support integrated service delivery, FSC will also meet monthly with each Head Teacher to review caseload and provide coaching and support around documentation and follow up in the area of Family Engagement. For example, Family Partnership Survey and goals, information and referrals (I&R), etc.

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