Food Service – Kitchen Safety


Accident prevention is a priority in the management of food service operations.


  1. All facilities will have available an approved (by the Health/Safety Consultant<HSC>) first aid kit readily accessible and clearly marked for emergency use.
  2. All facilities will post evidence of compliance of all applicable and current Health and Fire inspections.
  3. All staff handling food will have their current food handlers card posted at the site or in the kitchen. If Center is vending meals, food handlers cards must be posted in the licensing binders.
  4. It is the responsibility of the on-site staff to monitor the contents of the first aid kits on a monthly basis to ensure that they are fully equipped. If replacement items are needed, they will request needed supplies in writing to the Regional Assistant or Purchasing agent.
  5. All facilities will be equipped with an ABC fire extinguisher securely mounted and readily accessible. Employees are trained in the use and type of fire extinguishers available.
  6. All fire extinguishers and systems will be tagged, noting monthly inspections and annual maintenance.
  7. Safe step stools are available and used for reaching shelved items.
  8. The required use of safety devices used to cut foil and plastic wrap will be used to prevent injuries to staff.
  9. At least three feet of walking space in the aisles and traffic ways are to be kept free of obstacles and obstructions, including heavy overhead storage and empty food containers.
  10. Employees will be trained in the proper use of food service equipment in which it is required in their job duties. Employees who have not been trained may not operate such equipment.
  11. Employees are required to be attentive to their tasks, especially when cooking or operating moving equipment.
  12. Smoking including e-cigarettes, is prohibited in all areas on Head Start premises and anywhere within sight of Head Start children. (See Tobacco policy).
  13. Facility exits are clearly marked with visible, approved EXIT signs.
  14. All employees must consume food only in designated areas.
  15. All employees are required to adhere to procedures for kitchen sanitation (see Classroom sanitation policy), the cleaning schedule and Food Safety Training manual.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard unknown.
It was approved by Policy Council on October 14, 1997.
Updated June, 13, 2001. July 24, 2002. July 17, 2003. July 14, 2004 May 2018
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REVIEWED: April 2021