Head Start of Lane County will monitor required tasks and responsibilities to ensure that these tasks and responsibilities are completed within timelines and according to guidelines provided in Head Start Performance Standards, other federal and state regulations, and Head Start of Lane County policies and procedures. Monitoring systems will include the use of the agency’s electronic child file to systematically collect and record information about children and families in the program; periodic reporting of this information to appropriate supervisors, managers, policy groups and leadership; an annual self assessment of the program; and collaborative review of this information for planning and future development decisions.

Monitoring procedures will be implemented in administration, education and early childhood development, health services (including child health and safety), food program and family and community partnerships that are specific to each area. Procedures will outline the person(s) responsible for completing the monitoring, which person(s) and/or systems are to be monitored, and the tasks/responsibilities to be monitored.

Results of monitoring will be used to demonstrate compliance with Performance Standards and other federal and state regulations, to assist in the review process by providing condensed program information in specific areas, and to determine long range and short term program goals. Non compliance and/or areas for improvement will be followed with improvement plans, including strategies for timelines and people responsible.


  1. Directors, managers, consultants and other supervisors will develop checklists for staff to use in setting up their environments and processes. These may include:
    1. Checklist for Child Development and Disabilities.
    2. Checklist for Parent Involvement, Family Services and Mental Health.
    3. Checklist in Health and Safety.
    4. Child/Adult Care Food Program.
    5. Nutrition/Mealtimes Checklist.
    6. Bus Inspection.
    7. Van Inspection.
  2. Supervisors/Managers will implement procedures and timelines for using said checklists. Staff will use checklists in setting up and maintaining their environments.
  3. Regional Managers will use checklists in monitoring sites on a regular basis and will track their visits and feedback.
  4. Information about children and families will be tracked in the electronic child and family database system
  5. Regular reports will be utilized by all staff both on and off line to ensure timely delivery of services to children and families.
  6. Regional Managers will submit monthly reports and meet with Head Start Director monthly to review
    1. Supervision,
    2. Regional budgets,
    3. Site monitoring,
    4. Attendance,
    5. Site Enrollment,
    6. Outcomes,
    7. Data tracking information,
    8. Any other information about children and families.
  7. Program consultants will meet on a regular basis with Regional Managers and HS/EHS Director. In addition, Program consultants will meet and report to each Regional Manager at last once a year to discuss at a minimum:
    1. Results of RM monitoring of their classrooms, using appropriate checklists.
    2. Child Plus documentation and analysis of the information.
    3. Outcomes reports.
    4. Progress on established benchmarks.
    5. Plans for improvements as needed, with emphasis on compliance issues.
    6. Information from monitoring will be shared with staff.
  8. The ERSEA Manager will monitor enrollment status through audits, reports and viewing individual records.
  9. Consultants may contact a staff person for minor errors with a “cc” to the supervisor. If the same issue occurs, the consultant will contact the supervisor only. Supervisors will communicate to consultants what the corrective action is.
  10. Executive Director, HS/EHS Director, Human Resources Director, Operations Director and Finance Director will meet weekly to review information gathered.
  11. Periodic reports to Policy Council and Board of Directors will be made by the Executive Director or designee.
  12. An annual self assessment will be conducted each year (see Program Self Assessment policy) that will result in a written improvement plan to improve any deficiencies.
  13. The program will be reviewed every by  Office of Head Start representatives and the Oregon Department of Education. Head Start of Lane County will submit an improvement plan 90 days after receiving the written federal report. Regional Managers will receive a copy in a timely manner.
  14. Results of all monitoring efforts will be included in future planning and decision making.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard1302.101
It was approved by Policy Council on April 24, 2001; August 9, 2005
Updated January 18, 2001. February 20, 2001.November 5, 2002. June 16, 2004, July 2005. August 2009. December 2020

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