The Head Start Health/Safety Consultant (HSC) will coordinate with Lane County Public Health Department and the Licensed Medical Professionals on the Health Services Advisory Committee to develop a Pandemic Flu Plan that links appropriate with local, state and Federal Pandemic Flu Plans.


  1. HSC will refer to the information and materials relevant to preschool and child care settings that are available on these web sites:
  2. HSC and Family Services Staff will distribute appropriate materials to Head Start families in the event of Mild, Moderate or Severe Pandemic Flu.
  3. HSC will coordinate with Oregon Child Care Division for recommendations (particularly as it relates to facility closure) in the Community Childcare and Full Day sites that are regulated by that agency.
  4. HSC and HSAC Chairperson will advise the Executive Director on School Closure and School Evacuation in the event of Moderate to Severe Pandemic.
  5. Management team will determine methods of communication with staff and determination of staff with essential functions in the event of  prolonged closure for Severe Pandemic. (Up to 3 months)

Policy developed in conjunction with Lane County Public Health Pandemic Flu Planning workshops for school districts.

Policy Approved by HSAC Chairperson (Dr. Todd Huffman, MD)

The Policy Council approved on January 9, 2007

Updated April 2021

REVIEWED: April 2021