Head Start of Lane County will review and develop  the Recruitment Action Plan each year to systematically identify families whose children may be eligible for Head Start services, inform them of services, and encourage them to apply for enrollment into the program.


  1. Refer to Recruitment Action Plan for outline of specific tasks, responsibilities and duties.
  2. The Recruitment Action Plan is reviewed annually by the ERSEA Committee which has Policy Council representation.
  3. Recruitment activities will encompass the entire service area of Lane County.
  4. Head Start parents are requested to inform relatives and friends with eligible children about program recruitment.
  5. Applications will be made available at a variety of locations to ensure that interested persons have ready access and agencies can readily refer clients to the program.
  6. Announcements are posted in community and local service buildings, businesses, churches, and local newspapers. Community and public service announcements (PSA) are arranged with radio and television stations. (see Recruitment Action Plan)
  7. Recruitment information will be available in Spanish. Translators will translate materials as needed and provide assistance to families during the recruitment process.
  8. The recruitment effort includes recruiting children who have identified disabilities,. A minimum of ten percent of total funded slots will be enrolled with children with identified disabilities.
  9. The recruitment effort includes recruiting expectant mothers for Early Head Start.

Head Start/Early Head Start staff will participate in community events to promote and provide information about the program.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45 CFR Section 1302.13
It was approved by Policy Council September 9, 1997
It was approved by the Board of Directors on November 27, 2009
Updated January 2002. August 2012. February 2019.
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REVIEWED: December 2020