Young children can present challenging behaviors in the educational setting. Head Start of Lane County is committed to providing support to Teachers and families to address children’s challenging behaviors.


  • When staff have concerns about the behavior of an individual child, staff will consult with the Early Childhood Education Coordinator (ECEC) or EHS Specialist.
  • When making a request for Behavior Support, the teacher, ECEC/EHS specialist and Family Services Coordinator (FSC) will meet during a staffing meeting together to discuss the following information about a child:
    • Behavior of concern, Acuity Scale,  BIRS data, ASQ:SE information from the parent and the Teacher(s).
    • Staff will share and gather information with families and notify family of behavior concerns.
  • Team will request a mental health observation of child or will contact existing therapist for consultation if applicable.
  • If the team determines that internal Behavior Support services (provided by HSOLC) are needed in the classroom, staff will fill out the Behavior Support Services notification form which will include information about the behavior of concern and the type of support that is being provided. Written notification form will be sent after a phone or face to face conversation with the family or when a family cannot be reached.
  • Behavior support services will be tracked in Child Plus in the Events tab of the Education Domain in the Behavior Support Log event.
  • If the child is on an IFSP, the ECEC will contact the child’s service coordinator at Early Childhood CARES about the need for behavior support services.

The policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1304.20(b) (1-3),1304.20(a)(3)(I)(C) 1304.24(a)(3)(iii)
This was approved by Policy Council on December 12, 2000. December 2012
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