IFSP service coordinators, along with input from Head Start staff, will determine which children on an IFSP should be assessed for needing related services. Related services are those services required for the child with a disability to benefit from early childhood special education.


  1. A Team meeting consisting of Head Start staff (teacher, Regional Manager, and/or ECE Coordinator), Early Childhood CARES service coordinator, and parent is called. The team will discuss the need for the related services and identify the resources within the community that can provide the appropriate services.
  2. The Team will specify the services that are to be provided and by what agency.
  3. The Early Childhood CARES Service Coordinator will arrange for, provide, or procure services which may include, but are not limited to special education and these related services:
    1. audiological services
    2. physical therapy
    3. occupational therapy
    4. speech or language therapy
    5. psychological services
    6. transportation services
    7. assistive technology services
    8. special equipment and materials
    9. classroom assistant
  4. The Team will determine procedures for purchase of services as needed.
  5. The Team will develop a documentation system to determine the services are being provided and for the scheduling of the related services.
  6. Related services will be documented in the Disabilities section of WebCAF by the focal teacher.

Note:Refer to policy on School District Transportation when busing other than Head Start busing is needed.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard CFR 1308.4(h)
It was approved by Policy Council on December 12, 2000
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