The parent/guardian of each accepted child will complete a registration interview with regional staff. Regional staff will enter enrollment, emergency and health information, and all required permissions and consents into Child Plus.


  1. The Regional Assistant (RA) will contact families to schedule a registration appointment after confirming acceptance of the slot being offered.. The family will be asked to bring relevant information to the interview.
  2. The registration staff will utilize the Registration guide.
  3. The registration is two parts: computer input and completion of forms.
    1. Computer input – after entering data, save, print, and have parent sign all relevant forms and place forms in site file.
    2. Emergency Contact Form to be provided to bus driving staff.
    3. Forms are as follows:
      1. Child Medical Information (front). Parent is to complete; discuss any blanks.
        1. If child has a medical home have the parent sign the Health Appraisal Form and forward to the Health Records Clerk. The definition of medical home is: “A medical home is not a building, house, or hospital, but rather an approach to providing health care services in a high-quality and cost-effective manner. Children and their families who have a medical home receive the care that they need from a pediatrician or physician whom they trust. Pediatricians and parents act as partners in a medical home to identify and access all the medical and non-medical services needed to help children and their families achieve their maximum potential…where care is accessible, family-centered, continuous, comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate and culturally competent.”
        2. If child has no medical and/or dental coverage or no medical/dental home enter all relevant information in the health section of Child Plus as a note.
      2. Child Medical Information (back) parent is to complete and discuss with parent.
        1. If parent requests medication be dispensed in the classroom, refer to the Medication policy.
        2. Enter all relevant medical information into database fields and notes.
  4. Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Child Enrollment Form
    1. Form located in Child Plus under Enrollment. Paper form located on portal can be used as needed.
  5. Authorization for Dental Hygiene Services
  6. Health Appraisal: Child
  7. Lead Poisoning Parent Questionnaire
  8. The following NCR forms are given to parents at the time of the appointment for signature:
    1. Head Start Student Education Record Policy / Notification of Parent Rights. In addition to these, full day program forms include: Parent Financial Agreement and Full Day Letter of Agreement. Full Day forms to be forwarded to Billing Department.
  9. Child Plus forms for parent signature:
    1. Permissions
    2. Permission to Exchange
    3. Emergency Contact
    4. Special Diet Request
  10. In addition to the forms above, Early Head Start registration also include the following for signature;
    1. Consultation Form for Pregnant Women to Receive Oral Health Care & HIPAA (pregnant women only)
    2. Early Head Start Dental Enrollment Survey (pregnant women only)
  11. The RA will provide families with information during the registration appointment.
      1. Is Your Family Involved with WIC? (If family is not enrolled in WIC).
      2. Ways You Can Help at Head Start.
    1. Toilet Training Information (if applicable)
    2. Rules Governing Pupils Riding School Buses
  12. Upon completion of the registration interview staff will request the child’s application, including any referrals or Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) information to be sent to the region for placement in the site file.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1302.15
This was approved by Policy Council on May 13, 2003. June 14, 2011
This was approved by the Board of Directors August 16, 2011

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