Every newly enrolling family will have a strength and needs assessment completed during the intake process.


Strengths and needs assessments will occur at the intake appointment or within 30 days of enrollment. Assessment information will be entered in the child’s electronic record within 48 hours. A second strength and needs assessment will be utilized for Family Outcome tracking (see Family Outcome Tracking <needs written>policy).


  1. Staff from the enrollment team (typically the Family Service Coordinator or Family Support Interpreter) will complete a Strength and Needs assessment for each newly enrolling family at the intake appointment or within the first 30 days of enrollment. Direct service staff are responsible for completing the assessment if not completed at intake.
    1. A second assessment will be completed within 60 days of the end of the program year. At least 6 months of services must be provided prior to completing a second assessment. (See Family Outcome Tracking policy).
  2. Returning families will have their initial assessment for the new program year completed by November 15th of the 2nd or subsequent program year.
  1. The assessment can be completed interview style (directly into the data system) or on paper. All assessment information to include narrative responses will be entered in ChildPlus in the Family Service domain under the Family Outcome tab within 48 hours.
  2. This information will be utilized in the family engagement process by direct service staff e.g. information and referral process, family partnership agreement development, etc.

This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 1302.52(b) 1302.50(a)(b)

Policy Council approved: 8/2019

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