Head Start of Lane County recognizes it’s responsibility to promote the health, welfare and safety of students, staff and others on Head Start property and at agency sponsored activities. In light of scientific evidence that tobacco use is hazardous to health, it is the intent of Head Start of Lane County to establish a tobacco-free environment, and to engage in coordinated tobacco prevention activities. Consequently, tobacco use, distribution, or sale by staff for others on agency premises, at agency sponsored events, in agency owned, rented, or leased vehicles is prohibited.  In recognition of the importance of modeling healthy behaviors, tobacco use by employees, parents, and volunteers is prohibited in any area(on-site or off-site) that is within sight of a prohibited location.Program staff, volunteers, and others must avoid bringing clothing that smells of smoke into the classroom, center or onto the playground.Staff will request that parents not smoke during home visits. Parents will be informed of the smoke-free request prior to the home visit.

Definitions:(for the purposes of this policy)

Tobacco is defined to include any lighted or unlighted cigarette, e-cigarette, cigar, pipe, bidi,clove cigarette and any other smoking product, and spit tobacco in any form. Spit tobacco is also known as “smokeless”,“dip”, “chew”, or “snuff”.

Procedures:Tobacco Prohibitions.

  1. Tobacco use is prohibited on the premises of all Head Start of Lane County property.
  2. Head Start staff, parents, volunteers, and contracted employees will not engage in tobacco use on Head Start premises, in Head Start vehicles, or during Head Start activities.
  3. Clothing, bags, hats and other personal items used to display, promote, or advertise tobacco products are prohibited on Head Start premises, in Head Start Vehicles, or during Head Start activities.
  4. Tobacco advertising is prohibited at Head Start sponsored activities, Head Start sponsored publications, or on Head Start premises.
  5. Acceptance of gifts or funds from the tobacco industry is similarly prohibited.
  6. Age appropriate tobacco prevention messages shall be incorporated into classroom teaching.
  7. Staff violations of tobacco prohibitions will lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.
  8. Violations by others will result in appropriate sanctions as determined and imposed by Head Start Executive Committee.

Procedures:Tobacco Prevention Activities

  1. The Health Services team shall ensure that appropriate tobacco messages are incorporated into classroom instruction, and staff and family services education and resource materials.
  2. The Health Services team will collaborate with agencies and groups that conduct tobacco use prevention activities and education in Lane County.
  3. The Health Services team will promote cessation resources to staff, volunteers and parents- and offer these as possible alternatives to discipline for violations of tobacco use policies at the discretion of Head Start of Lane County.
  4. Head Start staff will provide pregnant women and other family members, as appropriate, with prenatal education on risks from tobacco use on fetal development.

Procedures:Facility Signs and Program Communication

  1. Head Start Administration will post signage in facilities and vehicles to communicate the no tobacco use policy.
  2. Staff will be informed of this policy through such means as the Procedures Manual and orientation and training provided by supervisors.
  3. Parents, families and others will be informed through such means as the parent handbook; signs posted on parent bulletin boards; announcements during parent orientation, center committee meetings, and Policy Council training;and explanations of the policy attached to field-trip and home visit notifications.
  4. This policy shall remain in force at all times.


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This policy complies with Head Start Performance Standard 45CFR Section 1304.22.
This policy was also formulated in partnership with Oregon Lung Association.
Updated February 2009, edited July 2009. Updated January 2014
It was approved by Policy Council on August 8, 2006. February 10, 2009