Everyone should know by now that we have started the move of Abila MIP Fund Accounting, EWS, HR, as well as Microix to the Cloud.

We have created two new links to these applications located on the menu just to the right of this announcement.

The first link labeled ‘Abila Nonprofit Online’ will be the link you may use to access Abila MIP Fund Accounting and HR.

The second link labeled ‘EWS Online’ will be the link you may use for all your time-card entries.

Recently we sent everyone an email on what needs to be done on your part in order for you to log into one or more of these applications.

I know that we have not created a link for Microix, but will — just as soon as we receive the login information.

Please remember not to try your login’s until after 2pm on Monday, 3/21/2016.

Thank you,
Your Information Technology Team